Saltfleet Community Centre
605 Highway #8
Stoney Creek, ON
(ring the front or side doorbells for access) 

We are closed until further notice. We welcome your inquiries, but as we are not currently able to access our records, we are not able to provide a meaningful response. Thank you for your support.

 Our Usual hours are:     

1st Saturday of the month 9am-12pm
Tuesdays &Thursdays  1pm-4pm

Please contact us if you’d like to book an appointment outside of our hours.

About our Research Library & Archives

Preserving Stoney Creek History

The SCHS Library & Archives has preserved Stoney Creek historical research material including many family records and thousands of historical photographs. We also have books for sale and past issues of the SCHS Newsletter.

The SCHS volunteers are available to assist with your research. Please contact the archives to make arrangements.

We have preserved a significant amount of Stoney Creek & Saltfleet history but we welcome further donations of historical value to consider for preservation.

Stoney Creek Historical Society’s Reference Library and Archives is located at 605 Highway #8 (between Fruitland Road and DeWitt Road).

Research and General Inquiries:

Books For Sale

•    Billy Green and the Battle of Stoney Creek, June 6, 1813 by James Elliot

Hardcover $10.00 Softcover $5.00

•    Billy Green and Balderdash David B. Clark, U.E. Douglas A Green, U.E. M. Lubell

Softcover $2.00

•    If Ponies Rode Men – The Journeys of Robert Land, 1777-1791 by James Elliot

Hardcover $10.00

Historical Photographs of Stoney Creek & Saltfleet

The Stoney Creek Historical Society has hundreds of historical photographs from the Saltfleet and Stoney Creek area at the archives.

Stoney Creek Downtown – Then & Now

Historical Maps of Stoney Creek & Saltfleet Area

The Stoney Creek historical Society has many maps and land records to help with your research.


Detailed Terrain Map of Stoney Creek

The Changing Shape of Ontario: Early Districts and Counties 1788-1899

Saltfleet Township.  1875

Family Histories