Our Story

Important Events In Our Society’s History


The Historical Society had its beginnings on February 14, 1908 when a group of influential citizens, many whose names you may recognize today, organized a local branch of the Wentworth Historical Society.  Their goal was to gain ownership of Smith’s Knoll and create a monument as a memorial to the soldiers killed in the Battle of Stoney Creek, June 6, 1813 (a joint project with the Army and Navy Veterans’ Association).

At Work

Later this group joined forces with the Women’s Wentworth Historical Society to erect a monument commemorating 100 years of peace between Canada and the United States.

Smith’s Knoll monument was completed and Battlefield monument had its gala opening on June 6, 1913.

The Historical Society continued to plan an annual commemoration of the battle.


November 7, 1930 – The name of the local branch of the Wentworth Historical Society changed to the Stoney Creek Historical Society, with membership often very high in number.

May 6, 1948 – With only four members remaining, the Society was disbanded.

In the mid 80’s, the Burton Corman Home, one of Stoney Creek’s older homes, was demolished.  The loss of this house and its historical significance prompted Leonard Metcalf to gather together several interested parties and revive the Stoney Creek Historical Society in order to collect and preserve local history and protect historical properties.


September 30, 1986 – The rebirth of the new Stoney Creek Historical Society.

Stoney Creek Historical Society Presidents:

Greg Armstrong – our current President

Bill Mitchell – served 2007 – 2011

Bill O’Reilly – served 2003 – 2007

Ron Place – served 1996 – 2003

Mary Lewis – served 1989-1996

Leonard Metcalf -served 1986-1989

Stoney Creek Historical Society Board of Directors

President Greg Armstrong
Past President Mary Lewis
1st Vice President Kathy Wakeman
Treasurer Peter Kennedy
Secretary Denise Wachnuik
Director Gary Strong
Director Wayne Johnson

Committee Chairs / Co-ordinators
Archives: Nancy Capstick, Bev Gray, Judy Green, Denise Wachnuik, Kathy Wakeman
Membership: Denise Wachnuik
Newsletter:  Denise Wachnuik
Programming: Kathy Wakeman